naked portraits

 Each one of the persons depicted in this group of paintings was invited in my studio for a visit while they posed naked for a portrait. There was no specific filter to choose who would be included, other than the fact they wanted to participate and that we had an immediate connection even if we didn’t knew each other so well. Each of them was asked to bring a group of objects that they felt attached to or that somehow were relevant for them. Usually people ended up bringing objects from their childhood, books, plants, instruments they use to work, sometimes beautiful textiles or little toys. Most of the sitters/guests are artists working in all kinds of media, definitely all of them have creative interests, which already set a tone for the paintings as they are all aesthetically aware, together we built up the scenario in which they sat for our session and every week a new guest arrived, new energy, new anecdotes and conversations, different objects and memories scattered across the room  echoing and overlapping stories from one to the other.